Welcome to the heady world of Aithra Spirits!

Welcome to the heady world of Aithra Spirits. We are Konstantina and Lefteris, two geologists who, in 2020, decided to establish a small but independent distillery in Patras. We produce premium and organic alcoholic beverages without sugar, using local raw materials and always drawing inspiration from geology. We believe in Greek vineyards, and that’s why the base of our alcoholic drinks is grape marc spirit (tsipouro/tsikoudia). Our production is guided by nature, following its rhythms and seasonal changes.

Without sugar? How many alternative sweeteners can you think of? Would you like to try a liqueur with Corinthian raisins (Amber) or a mountain tea liqueur with agave syrup (Steaga)?

But now, let’s learn a bit about Geology.

AMBER: Our serie of alcoholic beverages and our first creation got its name from amber. Amber is fossilized resin and a unique way of fossilization of very small organisms.

HALITE: Our organic grape marc spirit (tsipouro without anise flavor) is named after the mineral halite. Halite is a sedimentary mineral created by the evaporation of water masses and has a distinctive salty taste.

STEAGA (s/tea/ga): Our mountain tea liqueur got its name from the geosite “Water of Styx”, one of the 43 geosites in the Geopark of Helmos – Vouraikos.

COMPASS: The wine series marks the four points of the horizon for us – North, South, East, and West.

Konstantina Karanika, production manager.

Konstantina has a deep passion for alcoholic spirit, fossils, walks in nature, experimentation, and new ideas. She spends hours in the production laboratory, crafting and designing the next products for our distillery.

Lefteris Georgoulas, sales and public relations manager.

Lefteris loves participating in local festivals, extraversion, communication, good food, our Halite and hiking in the mountains. He considers personal interaction with customers very important and ensures a complete understanding of their needs.

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