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Welcome to Aithra Spirits!

The website is an online store selling the company’s products under the brand name “KARANIKA EYTH. KONSTANTINA” with the distinguishing title AITHRA SPIRITS, hereinafter “Company”. The Company is based in Patras (Monis Kaltezon 4), with VAT number 156818649, DOU III of Patras and no. LOAD 154845816000.

Before entering the online store and browsing our website, we invite you to consult the following terms of use and transactions, which apply specifically to the use of the Company’s online store.

The Company reserves the right to unilaterally modify or renew these terms of use and transactions, which concern the operation of its online store, in accordance with its needs and business ethics.

All orders are governed by these terms and conditions which are legally stronger than any other document. Make sure you agree to the following terms and conditions because your further use and browsing of the company’s website implies your express and unreserved consent and agreement to them.


Our online store is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. You can order from one product to as many as you need, with a minimum order amount of 25 Euros (€).

In our online store you will find all the necessary information in order to choose the right products for you quickly and easily. However, in case you need our help, we will be happy to serve you. Please contact us:

Via email at

By phone +30 2610 523111 (Monday to Friday 10:00 – 20:00)

Via social media (Facebook / Instagram)


By entering our website you choose and accept that you are over 18 years of age or that you have reached the legal age limit required in your country of residence in order to be able to purchase and consume alcohol.


The prices listed in our online store are in Euros (€) and include VAT, excise duty and other taxes related to alcoholic beverages legislation. When placing your order, you are fully responsible for the information you give us / fill in electronically in each form and field on the website.

All orders are confirmed by sending a relevant email to the email address you provided, which also contains the order number. The shipment of the order always depends on the confirmation of its full payment by the bank or the intermediary credit card processing company.


Every order must be fully paid upon completion.

Payment can be made through the following methods:

  • Cash on Delivery: In this case, you pay the company's courier representative who delivers the package to your location. For this service, you are automatically charged 2.50 Euros (€), which is the handling cost for cash on delivery.
  • Credit and Debit Cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express): You are automatically redirected to the secure e-Banking environment of the National Bank of Greece to complete the transaction.
  • PayPal: Payment through PayPal is subject to the strict transaction terms imposed by PayPal (Europe) S.à r.l. et Cie, S.C.A.
  • Bank Deposit to the following accounts:

National Bank of Greece

IBAN: GR3001107890000078900628989

Beneficiary: Karanika Konstantina


IBAN: GR7602602470000540201677706

Beneficiary: Karanika Konstantina

If you choose bank deposit as the payment method, please make sure to include your full name in the "Deposit Reason" field within two (2) business days to facilitate the process. Failure to do so will result in the cancellation of your order and the release of the products. Additionally, if making payment from a different bank, choose "sender's charges" rather than "shared" to ensure that the payment is received in full.

All card payments are processed through the electronic payment platform provided by the National Bank of Greece.

Payment by credit or debit card incurs no additional charges. You can securely pay using Visa, Mastercard, and American Express. Transactions are processed electronically and securely in real-time between the buyer/cardholder and the National Bank, which handles the transaction on behalf of the Company. During this process, the Company has no involvement, and your credit/debit card details are not stored in its system. The Company will never ask for your credit card information.

If you choose to pay by credit or debit card through PayPal's secure transaction system, you will be redirected to the protected environment of PayPal to complete the transaction with the absolute security that characterizes PayPal worldwide. After completing the transaction, you will receive a confirmation message from both PayPal and our online store, initiating the shipment process of your purchases.

The use of our website is the sole responsibility of the visitor-customer. We are not responsible for malicious third-party interventions. However, we take all necessary available technical measures to protect our website from malicious third-party interventions. In the event that the buyer successfully passes all verification stages but is not the same person as the credit card owner, our company, assumes no responsibility and has no obligation to refund the money.


The legal document (receipt or invoice) is issued by the Company and sent along with your order. The document provides detailed information about the price of your order and the VAT in Euros. Customers are informed of any delivery costs before placing the order. If delivery incurs a cost, it will be specified on the receipt or invoice.


Product shipments are limited to within Greece, and no shipments are made outside the country. Shipments are handled by a courier company throughout Greece. Shipment times range from 1 to 7 business days from the completion of your order, depending on the delivery area and the weight of the order. If you choose to pay for your order via bank deposit, the shipment time is calculated from the date the funds transfer is completed, marking the order's fulfillment.

The shipping cost to your door is as follows:

For orders up to 60 Euros (€) and a total package weight not exceeding 2 kg, the shipping cost is 5.00 Euros (€). An additional charge of 1.00 Euro (€) per extra kg applies. These charges include VAT.

In any case, the final charge, i.e., the total value of your order, is automatically and comprehensively displayed in your shopping cart before you finalize/complete your order, depending on the region and products you choose each time.

For orders of 60 Euros (€) or more and up to 10 kg, shipping is free.

For delivery in Patras, shipping is free, regardless of the order value. Remote areas, as defined by the courier company, are excluded, and a minimum charge applies, as displayed in the shopping cart before completing the order. Alternatively, you can pick up your order from our headquarters by appointment.

Order Shipment Confirmation

The shipment of the order depends on the full payment confirmation from the bank or the intermediary credit card processing company. Following this confirmation, all order shipments are confirmed through the relevant email.

Order Delivery

All products are transported under the responsibility of the courier company, following their established rules. The delivery time may vary depending on the delivery location. Delays in delivery due to the courier company or force majeure (see the section ‘Force Majeure’) cannot be compensated by the Company nor permit the cancellation of the order. If the delivery time exceeds one month, and the products have not been delivered despite the customer providing the correct delivery address, the order may be canceled, and the customer may be reimbursed the total payment amount without any further claims for compensation or damages. Exceptions include cases where the customer has been informed of the delay and has consented to it, as well as cases of incorrect declaration of delivery and contact information.

The company is not responsible for delays due to the incorrect declaration of delivery and contact information by the customer. In this case, the customer is not entitled to raise the issue of order cancellation, and the receipt of the order is subject to further coordination between the customer and the courier delivery company.

Upon product delivery, it is the customer’s responsibility to check the condition of the goods and promptly inform the courier company employee of any damaged or missing products on the respective document provided. Additionally, the customer must inform us within 2 days of declaring destruction or loss.


Our natural products require special care in their storage and maintenance, following the general rules for the storage and maintenance of food and beverages.

Pay attention to the following instructions:

  1. Before or after unsealing the products, store them in a cool and shady place without humidity, as exposure to sunlight, may cause deterioration.
  2. Alcoholic products, due to the alcohol content, do not have an expiration date for the period they remain sealed. However, once unsealed, always tightly close the bottle cap after each use to prevent the content from evaporating.
  3. The glass bottles used by our company are approved and suitable for the proper storage of alcoholic products. Do not transfer their content to another bottle or container you may have.
  4. Since we use only natural raw materials such as fruits and herbs, you may find sediments in the bottom part of the bottle, especially in wine products. This is entirely normal and does not indicate any product alteration.
  5. Do not consume alcoholic products if you have not reached the legal age limit for your country.
  6. Consume alcoholic products responsibly without compromising your health.
  7. All our product packaging is recyclable after use, so we encourage you to recycle them to protect the environment.


Order Cancellation

You can cancel your purchase at no cost if the cancellation is requested before the shipment. In case you wish to cancel your order after it has already been executed, you are only responsible for the relevant shipping costs, even if the initial shipment did not include transportation charges.

Products Replacement

If a product is defective, damaged or broken, you must contact us within 2 days of receiving it to be replaced immediately and at no cost to you. Replacement can be made with the same or a different product. Alternatively, your account may be credited, or a refund (credit card refund or cash return to a given account number) may be made as soon as possible.

Product Return

Customers do not have the right to return products, as the safe maintenance and storage of the products are critical.


The Company is not responsible for the failure to fulfill its obligations in case of force majeure, meaning under conditions that cannot be foreseen and prevented, such as floods, earthquakes, fires, strikes, epidemics, emergency prohibitions by the State, and any other event that could not reasonably be anticipated and creates problems in the proper execution of the Company’s obligations.

The Company will make every effort to inform you about the status of the delivery of your order in such cases (e.g., strikes by courier companies) and to serve you in the best possible way.


The Company is the exclusive owner of all elements and content that make up the website, according to Intellectual and Industrial Property laws. The data, texts, photos, graphics, logos, and icons on the website are legally protected, and any use requires prior written permission and agreement from the Company. The display of these elements and content on the website should not be construed in any way as a transfer or assignment of a license or usage right.

Any copying, distribution, transfer, modification, resale, creation of derivative works, or misleading the public about the actual content provider of the website is prohibited. Reproduction, republication, loading, announcement, dissemination, or transmission or any other use of this content by any means or medium for commercial or other purposes is allowed only with the prior written permission of the Company.


In order to place your order, you will be asked for some information that is necessary exclusively for the execution of the order and related communication and issuance of the legal documents of your purchase, such as: Name, Surname, Phone, Email, Address. If it is a wholesale sale, you will be additionally asked for the name of your company, VAT number, and Tax Office. The Company will never ask for your credit card details.

In any case, personal data collected through our website will not be disclosed to third parties without your prior consent, in accordance with the provisions of the relevant laws on the protection of personal data. The Company in no way discloses, publishes, sells, or exchanges the personal information and data you entrust to us. It is understood that your personal data may be disclosed by the Company, subject to the legal process, when required by a Public Authority or court.

These Terms of Use and Transactions are governed by the provisions of Greek and European law, as well as international conventions between Greece and third countries, regulating issues related to alcoholic beverages, e-commerce, distance selling, consumer protection, etc.

In case any of these terms is deemed void or cancellable, this invalidity or cancellation will not affect the validity of the remaining terms. Competent for the resolution of any dispute arising from the use of the website by the customer and the remote contract between the customer and the Company, or regarding the interpretation or application of these Terms of Use & Transactions, or arising therefrom, are the Courts of Patras.

Alternatively, there is the possibility of extrajudicial resolution of the dispute that may arise. For more information on this issue, you can refer to the website of the General Directorate of Consumer Protectionπροστασία-του-καταναλωτη/

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