“A delicate liqueur that combines innovation with tradition”

Porcelain Bottle with 24K Gold Inscription A Tall Glass of Amber with Corinthian Raisins A Porcelain Bottle and a Tall Glass of Amber Two Porcelain Bottles of Amber with 24K Gold Inscription


Aithra: Mother of legendary Theseus.

King Aegeus of Athens went to the Delphi oracle to seek advice how to obtain a son. Pythia’s answer in simple translation was not to open his sac full of wine until he reaches Athens. Aegeus made his way back to Athens, carrying a bag full of wine that he thought he should not drink until he was home. On the way back he passed through Troezen, a city southwest of Athens, where Pittheus reigned, who was famous for his wisdom. Aegeus wanted Pittheus' opinion about the oracle. The king of Troezen gave him a lot of wine and put him to sleep with his daughter Aithra, with whom Poseidon had slept the same night before the Athenian king. Aithra brought Theseus to life and his story begins to unfold…


Research begins with tradition, meets innovation, and comes through time to etch today. Sweetness is guaranteed by the innovative use of natural sugars in a simple and traditional way without sugar, without flavor or color enhancers. Certified organic materials of high quality and original techniques contribute to excellent quality.


Deep, amber color with copper reflections. Great aromatic intensity with deep, sweet aroma. Its taste is velvety, silky and warm in a complex way. The taste is also strong, complex and rich in aromas of Corinthian raisins and the aftertaste derives from vanilla.


Αn environmentally friendly, handmade Greek product that loves luxury! Τhe quality of the raw materials and the minimal aesthetics combined with the porcelain and the 24k gold offer a unique experience for unique people!
All items used in assembling this product are handmade by a small number of Greek craftsmen. It takes more than 120 hours to assemble one product.

History of Aithra

February 2019

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